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All of our party rentals are cleaned after each use.  This assures us that every rental that goes out will be clean for the next rental.  We ask you do not clean the rentals as some cleaners have a negative effect on the vinyl and other materials.  And, please do not allow silly string anywhere around the rentals.
We are a licensed and insured company.  All our rentals are inspected for safety and we assure you they are all in great condition.  We work with many communities in the area as well as schools and churches. We have set up our rentals throughout the in Chickamauga GA area and are happy to give you some references should you need them.

Our company has worked with companies, individuals and even non-profits to get your party started in the right direction.  Give us a call!! We are happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Rock Wall Rentals in Chickamauga GA rental as well as all of our other options.  Let us bring the carnival to you and all you have to do is enjoy.

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Rock Wall in Chickamauga, GA

Having a Rock wall in Chickamauga GA, delivered to your backyard can be quite the conversation piece.  After all, not everyone has a rock wall in Chickamauga GA in their backyard. The Rock Wall in Chickamauga GA is great for community events as it gets the community involved.  It is also perfect for fundraising too! People of all ages love climbing to the top of the rock wall in Chickamauga GA  and racing their friends. And, it's great exercise too!

Our rock wall in Chickamauga GA is complete automatic belay system and will let the climber down with ease after they reach the top.  And, if they don't reach the top and just want to give up, the system will pick up on that as well. This is a completely safe way to climb a Rock Wall and it doesn't require all those ropes and people manning it.  There is an adult helping with the harnesses and strapping the people in and we can provide more event staff if needed. 

Rock Wall Rentals in Chickamauga GA

Portable Rock Wall Rentals Chickamauga GA

We offer many great things, not just a Rock Wall in Chickamauga GA, we also offer fun party rentals.  These are great for community events, school events, fundraisers and even birthday parties. PArtyTime Inflatable also has  Bounce HousesWater SlidesEvent Rentals, and Obstacle Course Rentals We offer all kinds of great inflatable event rentals to choose from. Our bounce house rentals as well as the Rock Wall rentals in Chickamauga GA are all completely delivered and set up by our staff.  This means there is no heavy hauling on your end.

 We will then come and take down the rentals when your party is over.  Sometimes, due to our schedule, we may need to set up early and take down a bit later than you need. If this is the case, we will let you know and will be sure to ask first.  Bounce House Rentals can weigh several pounds, which is not easy to move. So, be sure to have an idea of where you would like us to put the rentals before we arrive.