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Obstacle Course Rental Chickamauga GA is a great way to entertain your guests or have a fundraiser.  We offer an extensive line of inflatable options to choose from. Getting the right rental for your next event has never been easier!! Take a look around at the various options to choose from.  Click on "Book Now and Save" and add what you need to the cart. You can do it completely online!! Many of our Bounce Houses come in themes that are perfect for birthday parties.  Adding an Obstacle Course Rental in Chickamauga GA is always fun for everyone.

Obstacle Course Rental in Chickamauga GA tends to be a bigger inflatable so be sure you have the room.  Also, this inflatable offers a competitive sort of nature as the guest run through and try to get to the other side.  This can be super fun for those that like a challenge and racing. Even adults enjoy this Obstacle Course Rental in Chickamauga GA.

Obstacle Course Rentals Chickamauga GA

Our Obstacle Course Rental in Chickamauga GA comes in a variety of options and designs that are perfect for just about any event!  Each one is delivered, set up, and taken down by our trained Fun Experts so that you don't have to do any of the heavy lifting. All our rentals are inspected by the state each year to be certified as safe. And, we clean each rental after to ensure the next rental has a nice clean obstacle course rental in Chickamauga GA.  We understand that having our rentals not only arrive on time but in great condition is important to our clients. We work hard to ensure all this happens on time and everything is good to go! At times, we may need to set up early or pick up later than your rented time do to scheduling.  We will certainly do our best efforts to communicate this with you and get your approval.

All our rentals are not only delivered but we do come back and pick them all back up as well.  When we arrive to set up if you could have an idea of where you would like one of the rentals that would be great!  These rentals weigh several hundred pounds and our guys do get a work out with them. The Obstacle Course Rental in Chickamauga GA is not light or easy to move, so knowing where we need to go is very helpful.

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Should you have any questions or concerns about our rentals, please give us a call!  Most of our rentals will have the dimensions on their pages so that you will know what to expect.  Besides the Obstacle Course Rentals in Chickamauga GA we offer Concessions, Bounce Houses, Water Slides, Event Rentals, Party Rentals, Giant Lawn Games, Rock Wall Rentals and Generators should you not have power where you want us to set up.  All the inflatable rentals including the obstacle course Chickamauga GA require continuous electricity. If we are not within 75 feet of power, we suggest that you rent a generator as well.  Our generators can power up to 4 inflatable rentals. This will assure that everything goes smoothly and as planned.

Give us a call the next time you are looking for an Obstacle Course Rental in Chickamauga GA today.