Laser Tag Rental Chattanooga TN

Looking for laser tag rental? Well, look no further, we offer laser tag rental for birthday parties or well, any occasion really.  And, why do we always need an occasion? We can deliver the complete system to you and explain how it works, from there you can find a wooded location or make up a course of your own.  We also can provide some inflatables at an additional cost, should you want to run through them with the guns, it is all up to you. Laser tag rental has never been easier. All you have to do is decide on the date and give us a call.  We will put you down and deliver them at the time you would like.  

Laser tag rental offers a great creative way for your guests to interact with each other.  This can be done in a woods, back yard, field or in a home, school or church. There is literally no mess, unlike that of paintball and it is so much fun.  Make up games and your own rules on how you would like to play. These laser tag rental machines are not cheap toy store crap, this is the real and very sensitive laser tag guns and sensors that you would expect from us.  

Commercial Laser Tag Equipment

Our commercial laser tag rental equipment is robust and ready when you are.  Grab a gun and strap on an interactive vest and you ready to go. Giving your guests something unique and fun will have them remembering your event for years to come.  Laser tag rental can be a special event that not a lot of people offer. That makes it memorable! It can also be used as a fundraiser as well. Give players around to have fun and see who wins within a set amount of time.  When the timer is up, switch out the players. There are two options to rent which are 5 on 5 or 7 on 7 to choose from. If you plan to have a very large event you may want to get two and have them in separate areas.  

Laser tag is very similar to airsoft or paint guns, but without the mess left behind.  There is no need for safety gear as there aren't any actual flying objects, which is nice for a variety of reasons.  Our laser tag guns will work in both dark and daylight. And, they have a much further range and are much more accurate than airsoft or paintball.  You won't have a mess to clean up and it is just as much fun.  

Laser Tag Rentals Operation

When we drop off the laser tag rentals we will go over how they work.  This is a short explanation. When you are setting up your first round, you need to explain these rules to your players as well as the rules of the game.  It is important that you have a referee that is unbiased to help determine things if there is some confusion. There are a few games that we can think of that people love to play with the laser tag rentals such as Immortal Arena, Immortal Arena teams, Free for all, Team Elimination, Capture the flag, Control Point and more.  Look up the names of these games to understand their rules and figure out which ones will work for your occasion.

Laser Tag Battle

Size: 50Lx25Wx12H
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Weight: 10lbs
Transport: Sedan

Pickup and Delivery:

Call Office Pricing

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