Super Chexx Arcade Rental in Chattanooga, TN comes with Automatic Puck Return System, new Overhead Dome Lighting, and if a game becomes tied after normal game play, Super Chex will automatically go into Sudden Death Overtime - So there's always a winner!  Often called Bubble Hockey, Dome Hockey, Table Hockey, Rod Hockey or Stick Hockey, Super Chexx Dome Air Hockey is a long time arcade staple.  Looking for the best in bubble ice hockey? Chexx Ice Hockey Arcade is the leader in bible hockey rental since the begin gin of time. This arcade rental offers 5 on 5 for two opponents to duel it out to win the Stanley Cup. 

Are you planning a event or company function? When planning events where you will have NHL fans, Super Chexx Ice Hockey is a must.  We also offer branding too! 

Hockey Arcade Rentals

Super Chexx Ice Hockey Arcade

size: 60"L x 36"Wx 54"H
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Weight: 130lbs
Transport: N/A

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Pickup: N/A

Delivery: $770