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All of our event rentals in Athens TN, are cleaned after each use to ensure all of our guests get nothing but ready to use rentals. Even all the cleaning is done for you.  Really, there is nothing more simple than renting party rentals from PartyTime Inflatable. So Add on Water Slides Too !!

Creating a super fun environment for your guests has never been easier. All you have to do is decide which items are perfect for your event and order them up.   Give us a call or send in a request for order. When your date finally arrives we will bring your items out, including the Portable Mini Golf in Athens TN, that you ordered and set it up for you as you wish.  It is that easy! We will be back to disassemble and roll up. There is nothing heavy for you to lift and nothing for you to set up or tear down.

Are you working with a small venue?  Not a problem. We have long and skinny units as well with smaller footprint that will work great for smaller locations.  However, if you have a nice large field, well, don't be shy, fill it up with all of our great selection of bounce houses, interactive games, water slides, and Portable Mini Golf Athens TN.  Just ensure that there is power at the location. If you ordered a wet unit please check that as well. Most of our water slides can be used as big slides without water as well. 

Portable Mini Golf in Athens TN, is just one of the great rentals you will find here at PartyTime Inflatable.  We offer a huge selection of various party rentals, including Portable Mini Golf in Athens TN that will be sure to please.  These rentals are all state inspected and meet all the qualifications required to operate safely. We work with all kinds of different organizations that are looking to have a little fun!  Our bounce houses, as well as Portable Mini Golf in Athens TN, are perfect for church events, school events and community events of all kinds. You bring the people and we'll bring the fun!!

The Bounce House Rentals and Portable Mini Golf in Athens TN, come delivered and set up.  Literally, all you have to do is rent them, tell us the date, time, and location. and you will be good to go!.  It might be a good idea to ensure you have the room to put them as well. All the dimensions are on the product pages to allow you to see how big they are.  Some of our products can come very big and this can be an issue for smaller venues.​ 

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We rent all of our rentals to Athens TN, and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on superior customer service.  If you are looking for something fun and unique for your next fundraiser, how about considering Bounce House Rentals and Portable Mini Golf Rentals in Athens TN?  This is a great way to raise money for your cause. After all, people love going to a carnival and will be happy to attend your fundraising event. Don't make the kids sell overpriced unwanted candy and other trinkets, do something different and fun by renting Bounce Houses, Mechanical Bulls,Euro Bungee, Rock Climbing Walls, Interactive Games and Portable Mini Golf in Athens TN.​