This is a perfect rental for large groups such as church groups, schools or community events as it holds 8 people at one time.  And, the people can be of all ages and sizes, although, it's not recommended for very small children. The swinging booms are a bit much for the little ones to get over.

The Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN are also known as the Wipeout or Eliminator Rentals.  They are very similar to the stunts seen on some of the television shows were people try to outrun the booms and stay out of the water.  And, trust us, the Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN, do not disappoint. This beast is surely going to get some attention at your event.

The sheer size of the Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN in person is truly a crowd drawer.  After all, it is not every day that you see a bright yellow 30-foot octagon just sitting there.

Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN

Large Group Rentals

The object of the game in the Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN is to stay upright on your podium.  Well, if you could just stay on your podium that would work as well. Most people get knocked off by the large booms or the lack of balance as others try to avoid the large booms.  The two booms swing around at the same pace but at different levels. This makes the Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN hard to beat! As the participants hop, climb and jump over the booms the entire floor shakes and bounces as if it were a bounce house.  This just adds to the complexity of the game and the fun!

If you don't have a 30 foot by 30-foot space available.   We offer smaller bounce houses and rentals as well. Although, nothing is interactive for this many people.  But, you can always double up on some of the smaller interactive mazes and race in the obstacle courses. There really is something for everyone here at PartyTime Inflatable.

The Object of the Game

The Toxic Meltdown Rentals are nothing like you have seen before.  This amazing inflatable rental is for up to 8 players to battle it out in stamina, reactions, and agility.  This is not for the faint of heart and will certainly keep you on your toes! Sure, it looks pretty easy, right?  Stand on your spot and don't let the sweepers get you. However, we assure you, it is not as easy as it looks!! This thing has these two foam booms that are just waiting to get you off that pedestal.  And, to add insult to injury, they are on two different levels. You can bounce, hop or climb over them, just as long as you don't fall off your pedestal.

Toxic Meltdown rentals in Hixson TN, are one of the largest renta
ls we offer. PartyTime Inflatable also has  Water Slide InflatablesObstacle CoursesPortable Mini golf, Mobile Rock WallToo.  It is a lot of fun and what gives it that edge, honestly it isn't the swinging booms but the others jumping as well.  Remember, this is a bounce house rental company, so, the Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN are filled with air. The Toxic Meltdown Rentals in Hixson TN work just like our bounce houses work. This means that it will need power going to it to keep it inflated.  The ground should be even and have enough surface for it. It is 30 ft x 30 ft so a large field would be perfect.

Toxic Meltdown rentals in Hixson TN
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