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Toxic Meltdown Mechanical Rental 

Can you and seven of your closest friends beat the Toxic Meltdown? The Toxic Meltdown Zone in Chattanooga, TN  is sure to bring out your competitive side! Be aware the Log can go forwards, backwards, up, and down, can you move faster? The Meltdown Zone   rental is designed to test all your skills in Nashville,Tn!  The Meltdown Zone is perfect for all ages and events. Book it today for your school festival, church carnival, or even your backyard party! 

Toxic Meltdown is perfect for all ages:

Requirements Needed:


*Requires 2 dedicated 15/20 Amp Circuits within 100 feet

Requirements Space Needed: 

*20'W x 25'L x 14'H

Access to Location:

*No hills, slopes, or steps.

*Double Wide doors with no bars. 

Book early to ensure it is available for your event.

Why choose the Toxic Meltdown in Chattanooga and Nashville TN

It is the hottest Inflatable Interactive for adults and kids in the Chattanooga and Nashville TN.  In order to guarantee your spot with the the Toxic Meltdown you should make your reservations early. Our Toxic Meltdown stands out at every event primarily because of its sheer size and decorative appearance but also because of the harmless fun that it can add to the event. The only requirements are two dedicated 20 Amp circuits and 25 by 25 feet area and you are good to go. Also mind that this fun inflatable is up to 14 feet high in case you are planning on having it indoors.  

The Toxic Meltdown features, it offers a high through-put for all events, no more waiting in line like your typical water slide or bounce house.

Thinking of renting the Toxic Meltdown for your upcoming event? You can’t go wrong with the the Toxic Meltdown Mechanical Rental in Chattanooga, TN. If you are expecting teenagers, adults, elders, and children, this will ensure your party rocks.

Safety always comes first with our Party Rental Inflatables company. We have done some extreme expert tests in harsh environment and proved the Toxic Meltdown to be safe and fun as intended. And a GREAT unit for social distancing! The Toxic Meltdown not only looks but feels and works right for persons of all height and stature.

This inflatable interactive is fun for all ages and will steal the show at any fun event due to its larger size and the fun it is able to generate. Inspired by the best mechanical jumpers in the world, the Toxic Meltdown  is one of the trickiest yet most interesting interactives in the world.  The fun is there to be had whether you are succeeding or failing at jumping over the boom. Beware for the Toxic Meltdown and its infinite trickery can move back and forth, up and down to knock you upside down!

Is it safe?

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