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We offer carnival ride rentals in Chattanooga TN for your next fundraiser, birthday party, church party or event.  We work with many event coordinators to get the carnival ride rentals scheduled for their big date. Carnival ride rentals in Chattanooga TN are a fun and an affordable option to a great fundraising event.  And, they are so simple! Pick the date, order them up online and tell us where to set up. We will come back and tear them down after your event. You can make money by charging admission or for the tickets you sell.  We also offer concessions as well as water slide rentals and obstacle courses along with our carnival ride rentals, so there are many options to choose from.

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Carnival Ride rentals in Chattanooga TN are great for community events as well. We work with many local communities around Chattanooga TN to host a variety of events.  We can offer a nice selection of equipment that is fun for all ages. Getting the community involved and interacting is important in this day and age of screens.  And, there is no better way to do that then having a carnival. Carnival rentals are easy for the event coordinators as well and fill up space to make it more inviting to the community.  Our brightly colored equipment will draw out the kids and parents. The smells of the concessions is surely a hit and don't forget the laughter and fun. Having a community carnival can be a lot of fun for kids as well as adults

If you are looking to entertain a large group of people, look no further.  We offer a roundup of amazing carnival rental, Rock Walls Rentals, Obstacle Courses, Mini Golf, Mechanical Bull Rentals, Euro Bungees, Birthday Party Rental, Toxic Meltdown Inflatable equipment that will surely entertain guests for hours.  With our simple ordering process and easy setup, you can step back and worry about other parts of the event and not the equipment and rides.

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Carnival ride rentals are great for company parties and birthday parties as well.  Kids love having fun with their friends and a carnival is just the place. If it's for a company party, allow the guests to drop off the kids to play while they enjoy some adult conversation.  We also offer to staff your carnival, should you need some help in that area as well. Yes, we have everything you need in one place for your carnival ride rentals from the games, bounce houses and entertainment to the concessions and labor.   We are all about making this easy for our clients, that's why we offer to set up and tear down as well. All you have to do is schedule your equipment online and be there to show us where to set up. It's that simple.

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Are you thinking about hosting an event and not sure what to do for the entertainment?  We offer a huge line up of carnival ride rentals in Chattanooga TN that can provide hours of fun for your guests.  The obstacle courses can be set up to be a race which helps get the guests more involved. They can be enjoyed by children as well as adults too!  We also offer yard games, tables and chairs and everything you will need to have a successful Carnival.

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